Around the kitchen table

Around the Kitchen Table written by best-selling author and chef, Penny Ericson, and is available as a  free download in English, French, German and Italian.

Around the Kitchen Table contains over 50 recipes from easy snacks to nourishing meals and drinks. Some of the recipes are designed specifically to help with some of the symptoms of treatment, from dry mouth to nausea and changes in taste caused by cancer treatment. There are sections of evidence-based nutritional advice and each recipe has been analysed with an easy to understand ‘Thumbs Up’ score by Barbara Parry, Senior Research Dietician in the Oncology Unit at the Royal Hampshire County Hospitals.

Captured in the book are also the personal stories of treatment and eating from across Europe from people living with cancer.

Penny was inspired to write her first cancer cookbook, Chemo Cookery Club and share her experiences whilst caring for her husband, Simon was in treatment for bowel cancer. Over the four year period Simon underwent treatment Penny found much of the cancer literature and information confusing and lacking clear nutritional information. She believes there is too much focus on food as part of the problem rather than something that can have a positive impact on physical and psychological well-being.

Penny explains:

“There are so many ‘special diets’ in the media and on bookshelves. I believe in healthy living, moderation and going the extra mile to enjoy the experience of food and drink. To me, this book is a sampler of possibilities. Cancer treatment can greatly affect a person’s enjoyment or appetite for food, but eating well and enjoying eating is so important. Around the Kitchen table concentrates on waking up the taste-buds and highlighting ingredients we know to be helpful during treatment.”

All recipes in Around the Kitchen Table were created at home with a focus on using the freshest ingredients. The wide variety of recipes means there is something for everyone. It isn’t a book about special food for cancer, rather a collection of everyday food and cookery highlighting the goodness in what can be done easily at home.