Gerrards Cross is a pleasant, suburban town on the borders of London situated in the heart of leafy Buckinghamshire. A commuter town, it is repeatedly voted one of the best places in England to live. It also boasts more millionaires than any other town. This domestic bliss is about to be blown apart by acts of sheer savagery and violence as the residents of this outwardly perfect community are stalked by a deadly assassin who kills for a living and is very good at it. As the death toll rises the police find themselves increasingly baffled.

Who is responsible? Who is paying? Their main suspect is Michael Defreitas but how can he have done it? He is dead! Proteus is the powerful story of the aftermath of a huge financial scandal.Michael Defreitas ran a seemingly successful fund that attracted investments by offering high returns but the fund is a fraud, a Ponzi scheme that has some very murky investors who want their money back.

When the headless body of Defreitas is found on the common in Gerrards Cross, Old Etonian DCI Tom Sparks is the detective put in charge of unraveling the complicated case that takes him from the upper echelons of society in Gerrards Cross to the City, the financial heart of London, and even the Costa Del Sol.

Full of twists and turns the story is not resolved until the final page. Gerrards Cross will never be the same again!